Photos: Karlsson's Vodka Batch 2009 at 54 Mint

Photos: Karlsson's Vodka Batch 2009 at 54 Mint


On November 7th, Karlsson's Vodka presented its recently launched Batch 2009—a limited edition vodka made solely from the 2009 harvest of the Solist potato from the Cape Bjäre region of southern Sweden.

San Francisco's 54 Mint hosted the lively event, where guests sampled the vintage vodka, sipped speciality Karlsson's Gold Vodka libations, and enjoyed tasty hors d'oeuvres prepared by 54 Mint's celebrated kitchen.

A limited edition vodka with terroir, Karlsson’s Batch 2009 is Karlsson’s second commercially available vintage vodka. The handcrafted vodka is now available for purchase at fine restaurants and retailers in San Francisco, including Cask in SoMa.

Cask is located at 17 Third Street, San Francisco;
For more information, visit

Photos: Marc Janks for Ashleigh Reddy Photography

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