San Francisco Sues Trump Over Unconstitutional Crackdown on Sanctuary Cities


We've never been so grateful to live in California.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, the City of San Francisco announced Tuesday morning that it is suing President Trump over his recent executive order aimed at defunding sanctuary cities. At a press conference, SF City Attorney Dennis Herrera called Trump's orders unconstitutional and "un-American."

The motion to sue comes less than a week after President Trump told sanctuary cities—loosely defined as cities that offer political support or protections to undocumented peoples—that they would lose federal funding if they didn't start cooperating with immigration agents to crack down on undocumented immigrants.

"The move has broad implications for California, a state that aggressively protects its undocumented population from deportation," writes the LA Times, which notes that California has more than 40 jurisdictions, including both SF and Los Angeles, that offer some sort of sanctuary policy.

While it remains unclear how Trump's vague executive order will be enforced, it probably wasn't a good idea to piss off one of the most powerful states in the country. #CalExit, anyone?

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