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New Mission gym Iron + Mettle brings woman power to weight lifting


In a city with stylish workout studios popping up on every corner, it was only a matter of time before we got a not-so-average weight lifting gym just for badass women.

New Valencia Street gym Iron + Mettle is shaking up the weight lifting community with metabolism-boosting, challenging, and empowering strength training classes...and pink bumper plates on its heavy weights and an Instagramable floral mural.

Founded by certified personal trainer and nutritionist Danielle Repetti, Iron + Mettle's mission "to help women in San Francisco build confidence, develop the lasting results they desire, and love the way they move" is simple. Instead of obsessing over weight loss, restrictive eating, and exercising out of fear, Repetti believes in a sustainable, long term fitness model that encourages women to appreciate their bodies and abilities. That's why the only numbers you'll find at Iron + Mettle are on weights, not on scales.

With a six-person class cap and strength training focus, Iron + Mettle's sessions are a refreshing departure from the endless cardio-centric, massive group classes that dominate the current fitness world. While the focus of the workout varies by week and day—you can find the schedule of offerings including hinge, partner workout, bench focus, and interval weight training on Iron + Mettle's Instagram—expect to plank, row, squat, lift, and lunge your way through every 55-minute class. Plus, in addition to strength work, a healthy dose of conditioning and aerobic exercises, including HIIT and circuit training, guarantees you'll get your heart rate up and leave the studio nice and sweaty.

And don't expect to hide in Iron + Mettle's training sessions! Designed so that newbies and expert lifters alike will see results, all classes taught by Repetti, as well as fellow trainers Leslie Kim and Kristen Swig, are mixed level with modifications for every body.

As you attend classes, you'll track your strength training progress with Iron + Mettle's Athletic Progression map, which includes seven fitness levels for different targeted types of movements including pulling, hinge strength, and squat endurance. If you're still not quite ready to jump into a group class—or just want a little more attention—you can start moving through the map with a one-to-one personal training session.

While you'll find all your weight lifting studio essentials at Iron + Mettle, of course, the gym's not-so-average amenities and stylish design are incentive enough to go work out. A pink floral mural by San Francisco artist Britt Henze provides a beautifully unexpected backdrop for equipment including air assault bikes, TRX straps, rowers, pull-up bars, an assortment of dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine and slam balls, and barbells, all featuring the studio's signature bubblegum-pink bumper plates.

After your sweat sesh, head into the studio's chic, leafy-muraled powder room for a shower or quick refresh at a mirrored vanity.

// Iron + Mettle classes start at $50 each, with class packages and monthly unlimited memberships available. New clients can book a free 15 minute consultation here. Classes are offered Monday through Saturday at 1360 Valencia St. (Mission), ironandmettlefitness.com.

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