Get Sweaty: 32 Unique Workout Studios in San Francisco
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Get Sweaty: 32 Unique Workout Studios in San Francisco


San Francisco certainly has no shortage of places to sweat—both indoor and out. You can justify your boozy brunch at a sunny yoga class, tap it back to some pop hits in a black-lit room, throw some punches in a pared-down setting, and let the ocean breeze guide your sun salutations.

Spice up your usual fitness routine with a trip to one of our favorite workout studios around the city.

The Best Pilates Studios in San Francisco


Core40 utilizes the Lagree Fitness method to get your heart pumping and muscles shaking during their 40-minute full body megaformer workout. With seven sleek, wood-floored studios, Core40 is a San Francisco favorite for megaformer veterans and newbies alike—and the only place to give the Lagree Fitness Ramped technology a try in SF. During the Core40 Ramped classes at the Nob Hill, SoMa, Lower Pacific Heights, Castro, and Marina locations, the megaformers move up and down, challenging you to work even harder as you push that carriage out. // $10 off your first class; multiple locations;


Get ready to rock your entire body during this high intensity, low impact workout offered on custom reformers with a curated playlist bumping in the back. After a signature strength- and sculpt-focused 40-minute class, you'll leave Bodyrok's airy studios with your obliques, glutes, and core fired up. Bodyrok's Polk, Haight, and Marina locations also offer 40 minute cycling classes with a high-tech performance system flashing measurable results on screen all class long, and the Marina location offers the best of both worlds in the form of a 50 minute cycle-sculpt hybrid class. // $149 Intro Unlimited month, Marina, Haight, FiDi, Nob Hill, and Mission locations;

Burn Pilates

Burn is all about building strength and melting fat. During the 55-minute workout, the instructor guides you through HIIT drills to burn calories and get your heartbeat going, mat work to strengthen your core, free weights to tone those muscles, and springboard exercises to increase flexibility. If you like small classes, this one's for you. // Get your two first classes for the price of one; Inner Sunset, Mission and Nob Hill locations;

Lagree Fit 415

Test your posture, strength, coordination, balance, and endurance on one of Lagree Fit 415's Megaformer M3S machines. In a 40-minute class of 13 people maximum, you truly get a full body workout. Lagree is known to reduce stress on your muscles through its spring resistance based workouts and improve overall health and mood by releasing endorphins during a—very—sweaty session. // Get your first class for $15, first week for $39 or first month for $149; 112 Channel St. (Mission Bay);

Cycling Studios in SF


Sprint, jump, tap it back, and ride to the rhythm at the most-hyped cycling spot. With black lights, bumping tunes, and inspirational instructors, you'll have tons of fun while cramming in a 45-minute cardio workout that will leave you feeling simultaneously stronger and exhausted. Jam out to specific artists during theme rides, or push yourself during an hour long SoulSurvivor ride. Sign up for rider favorite Rachael Brooke's class, or try and score a coveted bike among Soul's most dedicated riders in Luigi's notoriously intense—and full—class. // Pacific Heights, Castro, and SoMa locations;

17th Street Athletic Club

At 17th Street Athletic Club, you'll find the club's founders, Shannon Boughn and Marissa Axell, leading athletic and inclusive Cycling and Strength classes in an open, brick-walled studio. During one of 17th Street Athletic Club's signature combo classes—including Cycle & Core, Cycle & Strength, and Cycle & TRX—you'll start with a high burn ride in the glass-walled cycling studio, then move to the open gym for a focused, circuit-style workout utilizing 17th Street Athletic Club's 16 TRX suspension training systems and free weights. // Free one-week trial for SF residents; 3265 17th St. #104 (Mission);

Pelo Fitness

If SoulCycle is too cringey for you, Pelo Fitness is less about the dance party (though you will pedal to a beat) and more about getting in a great workout. Here, it's all about doing the best cycling you can. When you sign up online, Pelo's system will calculate your Baseline Power number; it will then help you determine exactly what level you should be cycling at to get the best results for your body. How will you know you're riding your best? Check the in-studio screens where proprietary software displays each rider's unique results. // 2325 Polk St (Russian Hill), and 171 Third St. (San Rafael);

Where to do HIIT in San Francisco

Barry's Bootcamp

Fitness junkies swear by Barry's experienced, take-no-prisoners instructors, and from the moment you set foot in the dimly lit Red Room and the beat drops, you'll understand why. During the 50 minutes of high intensity interval training, you'll climb more hills and sprint faster than you thought humanly possible on the treadmills and burn it out with strength training on the floor. While you're sure to leave every class with shaking legs and exhausted muscles, the focus of class rotates by day of the week with Total Body, Abs & Ass, and Arms & Abs among the offerings. Reward yourself for burning up to 1,000 calories with a preordered smoothie from the Fuel Bar. // First Timer 4 Pack is $80; Upper Market, Marina, SoMa, and FiDi locations;


Orangetheory's full body, endurance- and strength-focused, science-backed workout guarantees results. During the 60-minute class, you'll move through a mix of guided high intensity intervals using treadmills, rowing machines, TRX trainers, and free weights, and spend time in five different heart zones strategically designed for the best workout possible. To track your results while you're in the Orange Zone, you'll sport an OTconnect wearable device that displays your heart rate data and workout stats in real time. While Orangetheory is all about pushing yourself to the max, the workout provides results based on your personal physical abilities, and allows you to move at your own pace. // Get your first class free; SoMa and FiDi locations;


Tribe's classes pair inspiring leadership with challenging moves for a transformed fitness experience designed to push you to your limit with a colorful mural backdrop. During Tribe Fit HIIT, you'll squat, hinge, and push your way through the body's seven major movements, while 4x4 Strength and Conditioning mixes four-minute rounds of conditioning on rowing machines with four-minute rounds of strength and resistance work. Tribe Fit Flow, which involves 30 minutes of HIIT and 20 minutes of yoga flow, is equal parts relaxing and intense, while vinyasa class, Tribe Yoga Flow, is the perfect setting to explore the body, energy, and mind. // Two Week New Member Unlimited Special is $49; 222 Columbus Ave. #220 (North Beach);

Epic Interval Training

At Epic Interval Training, you can count on, well, an epic workout. The fitness studio offers now-trending circuit-style programs. In a series of exercises you jump from body weight exercises to cardio to strength training. Each class focuses on a specific aspect of circuit training to make sure you're doing exactly what you love. // SoMa and Hayes Valley locations;

Barre Classes in San Francisco

The Bar Method

If high intensity workouts aren't your thing, this might be the place for you. Designed to build muscle and core strength, barre uses mostly your own bodyweight and a few props. Although it's intense, the workout at The Bar Method is designed to be graceful and exercises are meant to be timed to the beat of the music. If you don't have time or aren't comfortable in group settings, the studio also offers online classes to take in the comfort of your own home. // Get your first three classes for $39; Marina and Embarcadero locations;

Pure Barre

With more than 500 studios across North America, Pure Barre has quite the reputation. Some would even consider it to be the SoulCycle of the Barre world. During 45 to 50-minute classes, the goal is to use technique and strength for low impact routines. Pure Barre prides itself on a full body workout and that's exactly what you'll get. Get ready to be sore in places you never knew you had. // Marina and Forest Hill locations;

Avant Barre

Borrowing techniques from barre, pilates, and yoga, Avant-Barre's class offerings will whip you into ballerina shape in no time. Avant Barre's Signature and Sculpt classes combine barre and center work to increase strength and balance, and the light-filled studio also offers off-barre mat classes that utilize Pilates techniques and an Adagio set to lengthen the body. Vinyasa Flow and Power Flow classes use yoga movements and philosophies for a purposeful, athletic workout. // One week of unlimited classes is $49 for new clients;592 3rd St. (Dogpatch);


Plie and kick your way through Salt's Barre Fight classes, which pairs isometric strength movements perfect for building lean muscles at the barre with high intensity interval kickboxing drills for a cardio boost. Salt also offers a range of elevated circuit and conditioning classes including 7x7, Sandstorm, and Knock Out that combine HIIT protocols with sandbag and resistance bag movements for a stamina building workout. Your muscles will be aching as you leave the sleek studio. // One month of unlimited classes is $120 for new clients;327 Divisadero St. (Lower Haight);

Try Boxing in San Francisco

Third Street Boxing Gym

Third Street Boxing is exactly what you would imagine a boxing gym to look like. Rings, sweaty boxers, and the smell of determination. In this small Dogpatch gym you can tell boxing is a passion. All types of boxers, from beginners to professionals, come in every day for classes, one-on-one training, or for their famous boxing bootcamp. They even have an in-gym nutritionist. // Get your first class free; 2576 3rd St. (Dogpatch);

Rumble Boxing

Inspired by boxing-style exercises, Rumble is all about keeping the technique and turning boxing into a group effort, all while listening to music that will motivate you. Rumble Boxing lives by one motto: We are good as individuals, but we are better as a group. The energy in each class is unlike any other. Also visit Rumble's new training studio in the Marina. // Buy your first class and get the second one for free; 180 Sansome St. Suite 100 (FiDi), and 3322 Fillmore St. (Marina);

Hit Fit

Get ready for the ring in Hit Fit SF's no-contact boxing classes with a group of "friendly bad asses." You'll learn proper technique, form, and combinations, while getting in your daily dose of cardio and strength training in classes tailored to different experience levels. Not quite ready to throw punches? Hit Fit also offers hour HIIT workout classes that use weights, TRX suspension cables, to get your heart rate up and increase strength. Plus, keep your eye out for professional boxers preparing for their next fight in the spacious studio. // Get your first two classes for $30; TenderNob and Mission locations;

Our Fav Yoga Studios in SF

Yoga Tree

A San Francisco yoga institution for 20 years, Yoga Tree offers a variety of classes for all levels including Vinyasa flow, Hatha flow, and meditation at locations across the city. Don't be fooled by the studio's serene look—while the endless assortment of classes will leave you feeling all zenned out, after a heated Vinyasa class, you're sure to be dripping in sweat with your muscles shaking. To get the true Yoga Tree experience, skip the Sunday morning hangover and head over to the Castro studio for Mark Morford's perpetually jam-packed 9am and 11am 105-minute Vinyasa classes. // First month of unlimited classes is $99; multiple locations;

Outdoor Yoga SF

If you're not sold on the whole workout thing, Outdoor Yoga SF's mixed-level, 75-minute classes on Baker Beach will change your mind. Salty air and the sound of waves crashing provide the perfect backdrop for your practice—or for a silent disco meets yoga experience, which you can get here as well (Outdoor Yoga provides the headphones). Sunset Yoga, held Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, will leave you feeling rejuvenated after a long day, while 11am Saturday Groove class provides the perfect weekend kickoff, complete with an equally athletic and fun flow. // Classes are held at Baker Beach;

Yoga Works

Head to Yoga Work's well lit, high-ceilinged studio for a myriad of mixed-level yoga classes. Let your endorphins kick in during Vinyasa flow or strengthen your technique during Align & Flow. Yoga Works also offers challenging conditioning classes with the same peaceful energy that will increase your strength and flexibility including mat pilates and a yoga-meets-ballet barre workout. // Free week of unlimited classes for new students; 1823 Divisadero St. (Pacific Heights);

Yoga Garden

Located in a picturesque blue Victorian past a plant-fill path on Divisadero, Yoga Garden offers traditional Vinyasa and Hatha flow classes, in addition to yoga classes that borrow techniques from other workouts, such as Yoga Sculpt, which includes weighted exercises and conditioning to build muscle and strength. If you're in the mood for a less strenuous class, Yoga Garden also offers Restorative, Prenatal, and Ageless yoga classes. // Unlimited intro month for $65, 286 Divisadero St. (Lower Haight);

Love Story Yoga

Find time in you hectic schedule to wind down and try out traditional Bhakti yoga at Love Story. This studio prides itself in being a workout as well as a spiritual journey. At Love Story, yoga is a strong physical and spiritual practice that makes you sweat while connecting your mind with your body. // Get your first 10 days for $35; 473 Valencia St. (Mission);

The Pad

Vinyasa yoga at The Pad is all about dynamics—and it's more physically demanding than you might expect. You can test out their regular class as well as a hot Vinyasa yoga class or a Hatha yoga class, which is more focused on ancient practices, breath, and movement. Also available are prenatal yoga classes and private lessons, as well as Pilates if you're not a yoga person. // Get your first three Pilates or yoga classes for $30 or get your first month for $100; 1694 Union St. (Cow Hollow);

Core Power Yoga

Core Power Yoga brings free weight training and yoga together and gives you a more physically challenging class than your average yoga sesh. Also try hot yoga, which they call HPF (Hot Power Fusion). // Get your first week free; multiple locations;

Ritual Yoga

Breathe to the beat of the music during one of Ritual Yoga's 50-minute classes. Stretch out your body and relax your mind while you focus on breathing and let the music move you. All classes are in candlelit rooms blasted with heat; be prepared to sweat. // SoMa, FiDi, and Union Square locations;

SF's Best Fitness Clubs


If you're not one for group exercise, a fitness club might be your best bet. Come in and do your workout, your way. If you want to work out but aren't sure what you like just yet, Studiomix offers an array of classes in barre, boxing, climbing, conditioning, cycling, dance, martial arts, and zumba to name a few. Test them all and see what's best for you. // 1000 Van Ness Ave. (TenderNob);

The Assembly

Wellness junkies unite at The Assembly, a community-centric club focused on physical and personal wellbeing. The Assembly offers a range of 45-minute mat classes such as Stronger, a full body HIIT workout; and Thick, a bootcamp-style class with hip-hop music bumping to keep you inspired as you tone and strengthen your butt, legs, and abs. Try Even Stronger, the 75-minute version of the signature class for an added challenge. Housed in an old church, The Assembly's beautifully designed setting provides a serene workout environment—plus be sure to check out the stunning outdoor shower. While classes are available at drop-in rates, The Assembly members get access to unlimited classes, events, a workspace, and more. // 449 14th St. (Mission);

Interesting Workouts in SF

Black Box VR

The future of working out is officially here with Black Box VR. Head to their downtown location and make your way to one of their Black Box VR boutique gyms to discover a new way of working out. No more waiting around for a machine at the gym or switching machines because this virtual realty workout is all on one machine. The idea is that you are in a game and the goal is the push yourself as hard as you can. // Get a free demo class; 1390 Market St. Suite 102 (Civic Center);

Rhythm & Motion

Get groovy at one of Rhythm & Motion's Dance Workout classes, held at ODC's sleek, high-ceilinged studios. You'll jump right in to the choreography, perfect for beginners and experienced dancers alike, during the signature Fusion class, which blends pop hits with global music and dance styles for a high-energy, fast-paced, joyous workout. Additionally, Rhythm & Motion offers a Modern class which utilizes contemporary choreography, and an Essentials class where you'll delve deeper in to the steps and choreography. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday's, regulars and newbies flock to dancer favorite Dudley Flores' 10 am one hour and fifteen minute Extended Fusion class which is sure to leave you sweaty and smiling. // First class is $9;351 Shotwell St. (Mission);

VRV3 Pole Dance

Have you always wanted to give pole dancing a try? This is the perfect place for you. Classes go from entry-level to advanced and everything in between from spin-pool, lyra (hoop exercises), floor work and flexibility to dance classes like hip-hop pole dancing and even sass classes— which is exactly what it sounds like. // Get your first class for $20, your first three for $59 or get three classes + 2 private pole lessons for $150; North Beach and Lower Haight locations;

Dogpatch Boulders

Climbing is all about getting a workout in while having fun. Come to Dogwatch Boulders with friends or family and encourage each other as you all climb your way to the top. Try out different climbing walls and push yourself to do your best. Its all about having fun and breaking a sweat at Dogpatch Boulders as the good vibes radiate from all the climbers. // 2573 3rd St. (Dogpatch);

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