San Francisco's Eat + Drink Trends for 2010


There’s nothing like the power of predicting the future. So here goes our stab at 2010's eat and drink trends (within our 7x7 square miles, of course):

More ramen.
Better ramen. And to go with it, ramen noodles. Katana Ya can not be our only hope. There’s already Shirohige Ramen truck, which has gotten mixed reviews, but a little bird told me that SF can expect to be seeing another very good ramen truck run by a total professional soon.

More rum. And with the opening of Smuggler’s Cove, I’m imagining we’ll see more cocktails on fire (had one just the other night at Heaven’s Dog, actually).

In reaction to this, the simplicity of a nice cold beer will do us just fine. Maybe we’ll be getting it at the new Public House at the (soon-to-be) former Acme Chophouse. And hipsters, you let go of the trucker hats, now let go of the PBR. Let's switch it up for the new year. Budweiser anyone?

Chefs will continue to butter each other up. A couple years ago, Coi chef Daniel Patterson revealed to the world, via the NY Times, that you too can make your own butter. And since then the butter-making trend has continued. Manresa chef David Kinch, according to Food & Wine’s trends of 2010 list, now co-owns a Normandy cow for butter-making purposes. (Chefs have gardens, why not just keep a cow out back?)

Nationally and locally, critics will continue to go ga-ga over Quince (it's ripe for another Michelin star).

Better bagels? The consensus here at 7x7 is that Roland’s is the best SF has got going right now. But it could be even better than that. (And speaking of, where are the good delis in town?)

With the buzz around the Korean taco truck in LA and the popularity of Namu’s Ferry Plaza Farmer Market stand, there’s been more chatter about Korean coming our way. More kim chee please.

But no more cupcakes! (Seriously. I don't care how cute they are.)

We agree with Epicurious. The pig has had its year—or three. Let the lamb step up.

Fingers crossed that a good fish market opens soon (sustainable of course). With this, the fishmonger will be the new butcher. Kind of like the new thigh-high boot trend, those waders can look so look so hot.

For better or for worse, I don't think cerebral, savory-sweet, wacky desserts have petered out. I just hope they’re done with as much finesse as Melissa Chou of Aziza pulls off.

And finally, I'm weary of bacon in my donuts—and cocktails, for that matter. As it turns out, everything does not taste better with bacon and I hope the new decade recognizes that.

For more 2010 food trend lists: Chowhound, Epicurious, the Food Channel and Food & Wine.

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