Santigold Parties Up The Warfield


Dressed in some serious gold, Santigold and her (also golden) entourage partied up The Warfield last night.  "I feel like it's the first day of school," she said, "we all just got new outfits!"  The Brooklyn-based genre-bender, who changed her name from Santogold to Santigold in a much-publicized lawsuit,  rallied the crowd to favorites from her self-titled album, including a rowdy duet of "I'm a Lady" with openers Amanda Blank and Trouble Andrew.  Though Santigold's energy carried the show on its own, it was her backup dancers who really anchored the performance.  Sunglass-ed, stoic and definitely sub 18, they stood motionless on either side of the singer, breaking into perfectly choreographed dances on every hook. The whole affair was a full-out Warfield dance party, rivaled only intensity, perhaps, by the Walkmen/Kings of Leon combo playing down the street.

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