(Photography by Sarah Chorey)

First Taste: Saucy Asian Serves Street Food Mashups and Poppy Art


Too bad it's only open till 9pm because Saucy Asian's Korean-Californian mashups—burritos, bowls, tacos, and poke all topped with delicious sauces—have just the kind of flavors (and carbs) you'd want to soak up after a night at the bars.

Inspired by the late night city vibes that first-time restaurateur Andrew Shinn experienced while living in Korea, Saucy Asian serves riffs on Korean street food against a backdrop of huge murals and neon signage and a soundtrack of upbeat pop music and funky rap. Grab some to-go noms along with their magical lemonade popsicle pouches and make a day of it at nearby Dolores Park.

// Saucy Asian, 3801 17th St. (Castro), open daily, saucyasian.com

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