Scenes of the City: Meet Your Cougar Valentine Party @ 111 Minna


For this week's "Scenes of the City" we attended the Meet Your Cougar Valentine Party at 111 Minna. Although the scene was a bit like an awkward high school dance at times, as the drinks flowed, people loosened up and the cougars and cubs came out of their dens.

Photos and Copy by Joseph Schell

What does it take to be a cougar? All it takes is being a older woman that digs younger men, according to This young man knows how it's done: listen up and lean in.

Nothing like a little cougar bingo to get the party started.

This crew had no problem getting out on the dance floor.

A few scenes from Saturday night.

By the end of the night, 111 Minna was full of people on the prowl.


One cougar waits patiently poised to pounce as another checks her cell.

A lively group parties through the night.

Who's prowling who here?

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