Sea Change: Marx & Zavattero Gallery's 10th Anniversary Exhibition


While celebrating the newest galleries in the SF art scene is great, we can't forget to give a nod to the ones who've been successfully cultivating artists for years. Marx & Zavattero, a Union Square institution since 2001, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a two-part show titled "Sea Change."

The show will pay special homage to the six artists that have been with Marx & Zavattero since the beginning: Davis & Davis, Stephen Giannetti, Matt Gil, Liséa Lyons, William Swanson, and Forrest Williams. Not a typical retrospective, "Sea Change" will instead represent the gallery's broader aesthetic, with an eye towards its curatorial future, highlighting artists both old and new. While all of these artists represent a variety of mediums, it's their commitment to process and their irreverence for trends that ties them all together.  

This anniversary show, beyond showcasing the talents of Marx & Zavattero's artists, addresses the shifts that the contemporary art world has experienced over the past 10 years. Gallery owners Heather Marx and Steve Zavattero have persevered through it all—9/11, the crash, and the new economic depression—and will continue to share their passion for creating a dialogue in the art community for years to come.

Part I: Sat. 6/11 – Sat. 7/16; artists include Davis & Davis, Stephen Giannetti, Matt Gil, Paul Paiement, Michael Arcega, Patrick Wilson, and more

Part II: Sat. 7/23 – Sat. 8/20; artists include Liséa Lyons, William Swanson, Forrest Williams, David Hevel, Taravat Talepasand, Yoon Lee, and more

77 Geary St., 2nd floor, 415-627-9111,

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