The world's oldest known Christmas card makes for some serious holiday card inspo. (Courtesy of @dickensmuseum)

SF bookseller asks $25K for a 176-year-old Christmas card + more topics to discuss over brunch


That's right, San Francisco resident John Crichton owns the world's oldest known Christmas card and will sell it to you for $25,000—but for now, it's on display at The Charles Dickens Museum in its native England.

Plus, an IRL grinches steal $3,000 worth of toy donations from a San Jose church, the mystery of Shen Yun is finally revealed, a St. Helena Winery hosts a Pete Buttigieg fundraiser, and more local headlines you missed while you were stuffing yourself with holiday cookies.

About Pete Buttigieg's wine cave dinner? I was there., Washington Post

Curious about what actually went down at Pete Buttigieg's controversial fundraiser held within Hall Wine's chandeliered caves? SF resident Bill Wehrle attended the "closed-door" dinner among "billionaires." Read more.

After years of ignoring Shen Yun billboards, I finally bought a ticket so you don't have to, SF Gate

Shen Yun billboards are endlessly plastered on every MUNI bus, bulletin board, and billboard. Get the scoop on the show—which claims to be "so inspiring it changes your life"—without purchasing an $80 ticket. Read more.

Community Creates Christmas Miracle After SJ Church Money Is Stolen, NBC Bay Area

After a donation box holding $3,000 worth of toys was stolen from Our Lady of Guadalupe church on Saturday, anonymous donors and the community got in the Christmas spirit and raised over $8,000 by Christmas Eve. Read more.

In cramped San Francisco, a hotel hallway with a view is turned into rooms, SF Chronicle

Obviously housing is hard to come by in SF—and hotel rooms are no different. The Hyatt Regency's fix? Turn hallway ends on every floor into mini rooms with sweeping Bay views—selfie stick included. Read more.

World's oldest Christmas card finds home in San Francisco bookstore, Datebook

The age old tradition of Christmas cards has been a thing since 1843. SF's Brick Row Book Shop has the OG card, now available for purchase for a cool $25,000. Read more.
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