SF Weighs In On Fall's Shearling Hype


Designers like Burberry and Phillip Lim showed off copious amounts of shearling for Fall and like a self-proclaimed fashion fiend, I was to ready to commit myself — and my wallet — to a magnificent shearling collared jacket by Helmut Lang, seen above. However, right before the salesperson swiped my card, the BFF stepped in and asked me, "Do you really want to get that jacket? It never gets that cold here". Hmm . . . she brought up a good point. So now I pose the question, do SF and shearling really go together?

Once again, I headed out on a mission to ask a number of fellow stylefiles what they thought about shearling and the city. The results? About 60 percent of the people regarded shearling clothing, like jackets, as "too much" for our mild temperatures. Instead, they plan on incorporating the trend via boots and bags. "I’m not a huge shearling fan; I don’t mind it in very small doses, but overall, I’m not on the train," said Pac Heights dweller, Brittney Stephens. "But as far as doing a full shearling coat, or the J.Lo boots that everyone used to wear with the shearling hanging out the side, no."  However, the remaining 40 percent questioned were on board and willing to risk slight overheating for the cozy trend. And if you're wondering, I did end up purchasing the jacket. Are you a believer? Then shop — or ogle — our top four shearling picks below.

1. Helmut Lang Shearling Jacket, ($1,140)

2. Jimmy Choo Shearling Bag, ($2,595)

3. Johnston & Murphy Shearling Gloves, ($68)

4. Rupert Sanderson Moray Shearling Booties, ($1,204)

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