Shakespeare in the Park: Two Gentlemen of Verona


Teenage love has a certain startling timelessness to it, something that becomes very apparent when you’re lounging on grass, drinking wine in the warm September air, and suddenly realize that kids pulled the exact same nonsense 400 years ago. With Two Gentleman of Verona, Shakespeare could just as easily have been writing this year’s teenybopper blockbuster - though, to be fair, Shakespeare-brand poetry doesn’t make it to the silver screen as often as we might like.

 The two gentlemen in question - Proteus and Valentine - are enmeshed in girl problems. When Proteus falls for Valentine’s hot new girlfriend, he dumps the steadfast Julia to chase Sylvia. With help from outlaws of the human and canine variety, Julia engages in a spot of cross dressing to win him back (as you do) while Sylvia gets locked in towers and threatened with all manner of indignities.
September 4- 26. Presidio Main Post Parade Ground. Free. More info at

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