Street Food Carts Get Park Assignments


The word is starting to trickle in that Parks & Rec have begun calling applicants who made a bid for an ongoing, permanent street food space in one of the 219 parks in San Francisco. Though nothing is final yet (applications still have to be approved by the commission and a public hearing will be held for each new addition), chances are good that come spring you'll be seeing Let's Be Frank carts near the Conservancy of Flowers in Golden Gate Park and at Justin Hermann Plaza. Also likely at Justin Hermann: a Blue Bottle kiosk, an Onigilly stand and a La Cocina stand, which will serve as an "incubator" cart, with La Cocina businesses cycling through. Blue Bottle and La Cocina have also been given the nod in Dolores Park. These vendors will operate daily, meaning that you'll never be far from a street food fix. Could this mark the beginning of a cart revolution in San Francisco? Here's hoping.

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