Suburban Family Leads a Design Double Life


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Looking at this sleek condominium in San Francisco’s Financial District, you might think it belongs to a single, successful, entrepreneur or perhaps a young professional living her Sex and the City dream—but you would be wrong.

The chic, mostly white pad belongs to a Danville couple who shares it with their three kids (age college freshman to 7th grader). The family lives in the East Bay Monday through Friday in a traditional house filled with classic furniture and the hockey sticks, skateboards, and everything else that comes with kids. On the weekends they escape to their SF getaway condo, designed with the help of Hale Hunt Jones and designers from Scavullo Design, to look like the couple's favorite boutique hotels from around the world.

According to Kristin Rowell of Scavullo Design, it was the amazing views that attracted the couple to what was, pre-remodel, an otherwise vanilla condo. When her team arrived on the scene, architects had devised a new layout and had taken the space down to the studs, making a clean canvas. "The family wanted to create something that was quite different from their main home," Rowell says. "This family travels a lot, and they would always return from their trips with tons of ideas and inspiration shots. The trick was editing the ideas down and making them all work together."

The primary desire was to take advantage of the gasp-inducing views. "In the living room, we selected very low furniture, so there's nothing in the way of the city and water views," Rowell says. "Although white doesn't seem like a logical choice for a family, the parents were quite clear that's what they wanted. We picked a tough fabric and had it treated with a stain-resistant coating. The mother's goal was to make it so her kids could dring Diet Coke in here and not have to worry about spilling."

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