Summer Sailstice Takes Over the Bay


We might not have real seasons here -- no foliage, no snow, just schizoid micro-climates and changeable marine layers. But, here’s a hint that summer starts tomorrow -- sea-farers of all sorts will be out and about enjoying the Summer Sailstice, which just happens to fall on the summer solstice.

The Sailstice is a world-wide holiday celebrating sailing held annually on the longest sailing day of the year. Because, you know, we need to fill those extra few minutes with something, it might as well be water-side music, food, contests and flotation devices to benefit the Treasure Island Sailing Center.

Most neato-keeno is the Summer Sailsace photo treasure hunt. Sailors can snap picks of spots and sites around the bay to win the contest. The catch? It can't be a stock photo and you need to cut-out and feature the official Sailstice paper doll in all your photos. How very Travelocity gnome of them.

Act like an Angel in front of Angel Island? 20 points. Get a seal in the shot? 10 points. Plus one bonus points for each additional seal. Fish a piece of trash out of the bay = 20 points. (Really? I think that deserves at least 30.)

Another Sail-alicious activity is speed-boatbuilding. Watch builders go from zero to sea-worthy in a day’s time. And live music with bluegrass bands, sea chanteys (The Roving Tars), Irish, Scottish, and Old-Time tunes (Fun with Finnoula) and Caribbean rhythms with Bluegrass instrumentations.

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