Sweat SF: Everything You Need to Know About BodyFi


Between their Financial District and Mission studios, BodyFi offers over 100 classes a week. I decided to take on their 30-minute "Studio" class, which uses TRX suspension, followed by a 45-minute Pilates class. I survived. So can you. 

"You may not like me in 30 minutes," BodyFi instructor Devin warned at the beginning of the START: TRX class. My curiosity peaked. How hard could 30 minutes really be? His prediction was on point, but it’s hard to hold a grudge against Devin and his exceptionally curated song lists. My legs, however, held onto a strong resentment days after the grueling class.

Devin walked us through a series of squats, chest presses, rows, and planks, with little time in between. The exercises are very familiar to anyone who has worked with a TRX suspension trainer before, but the tighter sequences and pace provided a new challenge. The group was able to steal sips of water in between combinations, which was good since the word "break" isn’t in Devin’s vocabulary. But that hardly mattered as this may have been the first class ever—ever—where I never glanced at the clock.

After surviving Devin’s TRX assault, I shifted gears the next week and joined Jessi for a 45-minute Pilates class. Anyone who scoffs at Pilates has not taken one of Jessi’s classes on “abs day.” (Days later, my stomach area is still feeling the burn.) The bulk of my Pilates experience has been in the cheaper mat classes, so I was thrilled (and later terrified) to learn we would be using reformers. Jessi was quick to help us adjust the reformers and offer modifications for more advanced moves, which is a big plus for those unfamiliar with the upper eschelon of Pilates.  

BodyFi’s 30- and 45-minute classes help eliminate the exhausted excuse of not having time to work out, and the efficient class plans capitalize on every minute. Nary a second is wasted on anything that doesn't involve your body. You've been warned.

“Our clients never get bored, are always engaged, and will see results in the shortest amount of time,” BodyFi founder John Nguyen assured me.

With proximity and convenience being the biggest hurdles to overcome when planning workouts, BodyFi is a great solution for busy people shuttling from the Mission to downtown San Francisco.  And if you have more than 30 minutes to commit, John challenges clients to try BodyFI’s signature, sweat-drenching, 45-minute Training Day classes.

BodyFi’s Financial District Studio is located at 425 Washington Street and their Mission Studio is at 2310 Mission Street. Drop in rates for a 30 minute class are $20, and discounts are available with the class credit weekly and monthly plans.


  • Bring a water bottle (filtered water station on premise) and a towel. Water is also available for purchase.
  • You are encouraged to warm up and cool down before/after class in the wellness studio in the back, so plan to arrive early.
  • Form-fitted clothing is recommended for TRX and Pilates classes, as both classes involve planks and other floor related work.
  • Bring your best "get after it" attitude. 30 minutes goes by quickly—make the most of it!
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