Take a Trip to the Taste of Petaluma

Take a Trip to the Taste of Petaluma


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When it comes to "Taste ofs," those large-sized, out-sized, semi-sprawling food walks, what's your preference? Do you like to buy a ticket and wing it, going from restaurant to restaurant to see what small bites are out on the trays? Or do you prefer to research first and find the eateries that appeal to you most? There are positive points to each – spontaneity and studying up – though we lean toward the latter, simply because we'd like to visit those venues first that appeal to us most, rather than hitting them at the end when we're full and fully tasted-out. This is all to say that Taste of Petaluma appeals to us in the gotta-know regard; they list all the participating restaurants as well as what the specific bites offered will be. Ohhh, pre-planning. Yes. With that in mind, we're off to schedule what places we want to visit first on Saturday, Aug. 25.

Click here for more details on the Taste of Petaluma!

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