The Barbershop Roundup: The Top Spots to Get Your Buzz On


People are particular about their shaves, but luckily there are more than a few great options around. After mentioning a few here last week, we decided to make a list of some more awesome chop shops to check out. The Bay Area has more than a few good barbershops so here is a list of a few of our favorite spots to drop in for a quick buzz, shave or trim. Whether you are old school or new school, your greatest barbershop dreams will be fulfilled.

Rick’s Barber Shop is easy to miss with only four seats, but if you are looking for a gentleman’s haircut, this place is classic. 415-688-7670 @ 5349 Geary Blvd.

Peoples Barber is a new shop with a throwback style that we think Don Draper would frequent. 415-292-4099 @ 1259 Polk St.

At Slick and Dapper, the name says it all. If an old school vibe is your thing, this East Bay chop shop is the one. 510-251-0796 @ 3619 Grand Ave., Oakland

Asano is the one-man shaving sensation behind Asano Barber Shop. This is the place for a down-to-business experience. 415-567-3335 @ 3312 Sacramento

If you are no-nonsense with a soft spot for the real deal then hit up 1512 Barber Shop.  It’s owned by 4th generation barber Sal, a man who seriously knows his stuff. 415-286-4371 @ 1512 Pine St.

Arcade Barber Shop is a Financial District suit-and-tie spot. Get a shoe shine with your haircut, and be ready to jump back to business as usual. 415-956-4049 @ 333 Bush St.

For a solid fade, head to La Lengua for a cut at Cut Creations. The shop is clean and the conversation juicy. 415-401-8968 @ 3175 Mission St.

A friendly, relaxed shop that believes in simplicity and quality, Charles Blades Barber Spa is a Jack London joint we know will leave you satisfied. 510-834-8330 @180 2nd St. Suite 6 Oakland 

Leo is a man with all the tools and tricks of the trade. The cult following behind his shop Financial District Haircut by Leo is more than enough proof that he is the real deal. 415-781-7007 @ 456 Montgomery St.

Romy’s Barber Shop may not really be a shop (it’s actually in a house), but this is a time when going off the beaten track pays off. 510-658-3168 @ 5748 Claremont Ave.

A neighborhood spot since the 70s, The Executive Barber Shop is still doing its thing, making customers happy and bringing in the business. 415-586-6540 @ 4734 Mission St.

If talk and chop is more your style, Ingleside Barbershop is the place where the cut and the conversation are great. 415-584-8997 @ 393 Ashton Ave.


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