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The Best Places to Buy Succulents, Cacti + Air Plants in the Bay Area


If you've killed your fair share of green things or love a desert vibe, consider a succulent, air plant, or cacti—or perhaps even a Venus flytrap—to pretty up your home or office space.

They're much hardier and pretty difficult to kill. Plus, they come in some super cool, weird, trippy varieties. Here's where to shop.

San Francisco Nurseries for Succulents & More


If creative containers and vertical gardening sparks your interest, then you'll be in plant wonderland at Succulence in Bernal Heights and their new Ghiradelli Square location. The shop takes an artisan approach to gardening, and even offers classes to help people get started with designing their own terrariums, aeriums, or vertical garden. The shop features a planting bar with a variety of rocks and moss, so you can DIY your own piece. You'll also find tools, a variety of planters, and books. // 402 Cortland Ave. (Bernal Heights), 900 North Point, Ste. J101-B (Ghiradelli Square), thesucculence.com


This small Mission shop specializes in indoor plants and specifically terrariums. The helpful shop owner (and her two dogs) is present to help you find the perfect pick for your space and ensure you have the information you need not to kill it. There are a range of already-assembled terrariums that range from tiny to pretty large and a lot of fun gift ideas as well. // 425 S. Van Ness Ave. (Mission), rootsinsf.com

Paxton Gate

The Mission's favorite taxidermy shop also carries cool plants for small spaces. Paxton Gate is a weird and wonderful place—you can spend hours perusing handpicked oddities such as raw crystals, viper skeletons, a taxidermy bison, peculiar posters, and more. As for the plants, you can find a great selection of air plants and Venus flytraps and the vessels they hang out in, including some cool geometric glass terrariums. // 824 Valencia St. (Mission), paxtongate.com

Flora Grubb

This large garden shop has it all, including a wide selection of cool pottery, air plants, succulents, and cacti. You'll find large cacti and succulents if you're looking to turn your yard into a desert oasis, as well as chic planters to adorn your indoor spaces. The garden center also features "planting parties," in case you want to become a world-class succulent arranger, and there's an outpost of RItual Coffee Roasters so you can caffeinate while you browse for plants. // 1634 Jerrold Ave. (Dogpatch), floragrubb.com


This massive space sells indoor and outdoor plants, as well as many different types of large and small succulents. Head indoors to stock up on fairly-priced planters, and then head outside to check out the succulent collection. You'll most likely find parking right in front of the shop, which is ideal for anyone hoping to stock up on plants. Beyond succulents, you can buy soil, compost, perennials, edible plants, and fruit trees. // 550 Bayshore Blvd. (Bernal Heights), flowercraftgc.com

East Bay and Marin Nurseries

Cactus Jungle

For cacti galore, head over the Cactus Jungle in the East Bay. The shop has a comprehensive selection of succulents, cacti, and air plants in their large outdoor nursery space. If you're looking to plant something bigger, you'll appreciate their assortment of terra-cotta planters. In addition to the fuzzy and prickly plants, they also have a great carnivorous plant selection. Yep, we're talking plants that eat bugs—perfect for any pesky bugs let loose in your apartment. // 1509 Fourth St. (Berkeley), and 130 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. (San Anselmo), cactusjungle.com

Dry Garden Nursery

Despite what seemed like months of downpour from El Nino last winter, the Bay can still be a pretty dry place.. Dry Garden Nursery is unique in that it specializes in drought-tolerant plants and gardening techniques. Pick up some smaller indoor succulents and cacti for your mantle or redo your backyard space desert-style and you'll never have to feel guilty about watering again. // 6556 Shattuck Ave. (Oakland), thedrygardennursery.com

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