The Big Eat Supper Series: 5 Nights of Delicious Bites + Cocktails


A big thanks to all the foodies who came out to Marlowe's 330 Room and indulged with us at the 7x7 Big Eat Supper Series. We hope you're as stuffed as we are. 

The five-day affair brought together some of the most renowned and delicious restaurants San Francisco has to offer, making each cocktail party an elegant and intimate dining experience. 

No matter what your food preference was, the restaurants had you covered. 4505 Meats, Smokestack, The Cavalier, Piccino, Plaj, Trou Normand, Merigan, and Belcampo Meat Co, catered to the attending carnivores. Marlowe, Park Tavern, and Nico offered healthy and delicious vegetarian delights. While Hog Island Oyster Co. pleased the pescetarians. 

Guests were also able to taste from an assortment of cultural dishes from the likes of B. Patisserie, Pabu, Namu Gaji, Lolo, Papalote, House of Nanking, and Los Shucos.

And for those guests who were just looking for some old-school comfort food, restaurants Urban Putt, Wayfare Tavern, Blue Plate, Pizza Hacker, Brenda's French Soul Food, Aquitaine, Huxley cooked up delicious, fried classics. 

Desserts came courtesy of Foreign Cinema, the Ice Cream Bar, Rich Table, Humphry Slocombe, Frances, and Marla Bakery, who were on hand to satiate even the strongest sweet tooth.

Guests washed it all down compliments of Cointreau, who served up four classic cocktails with a twist: The Botanist Tonic made with Botanist Gin, the Bridegetown Old Fashioned and Barbados Rum Punch made with Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum, and The Grapefruit Basil Rickey. Special thanks to Q Mixer, who provided the grapefruit soda and tonic for the tasty cocktails. 

Meanwhile Alpha Omega, Priest Ranch, Silverado Vineyards, Freemark Abbey, and Signorello wineries supplied glasses of their amazing varietals.

Bummed you missed out? We'll be back next year. 

Photography by Patricia Chang Photography


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