The Bloomingdale's Catalog Gets the Golden Gate Park Treatment


Stow Lake is, hands down, one of my favorite sections of Golden Gate Park. Ever been? It's tucked a little off the main road and far enough into the park to not get a slew of visitors, and it's gorgeous–truly a little oasis of calm in the city. It's a great for a casual walk on a nice day, which is just what I was in the middle of doing a few months back when I stumbled upon a photo shoot. Normally I pass those by–there are a surprising number going on throughout the park on weekdays–but this one featured home decor, so naturally I had to investigate. A beautiful bed of greens and blues was expertly styled on the edge of the lake, sheltered by the sweeping branches of a nearby tree. I craned my neck, circled the area, then gave up; not wanting to interrupt the crew, there was no way to figure out who the shoot was for. Read more. . .

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