The Bold Italic On Diners, Donuts and Knives


Though we pride ourselves on being a premiere food media outlet here in our fine city, we realize that we must give credit where credit is due: Therefore: the Bold Italic is very cool. This website, which launched in beta on October 16 and is backed by big publisher Gannett, bills itself as an "experiment in local discovery." Armed with the mission of making city dwellers better locals, the Bold Italic has amassed a cadre of "Bold Locals" who search the city for adventures, back stories and interesting, little-known gems, then write about them smartly and with authority. There's a new backstory added to the site every day, and while the stories aren't exclusively—or even primarily—about food, there are a few food-focused tales that demonstrate the wild potential of this type of local gastronomic storytelling. Who wouldn't want to know what a late-night-early-morning shift at Dynamo Donut is like? Who amongst us doesn't appreciate a guide to local diners? How about a guide to local knife shops? As magazines cut pages or close altogether, it's stories like these—you know, indepth ones with lots of words—that have become the casualties, and so we have to give a big fat kudos to the Bold Italic for believing, as we do, that people actually want to read that kind of stuff. And it doesn't hurt that the design of the site, with great photographs and illustrations. Since it's in its beta phase, they're soliciting feedback—get over there, check it out, and let them know what you think.

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