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Andrea Arria Devoe, friend and Daily Candy editor,
enjoys a bowl of the spicy tofu ramen.

Should one ever think that they’ve “discovered” a place in San Francisco—say, a tiny slice of a restaurant along a touristy stretch of Geary Street, a little Japanese spot that happens to have a ramen menu buried amongst a menu of many other things—they will always find that they have, in fact, “discovered” nothing as soon as they look on Yelp and find 72 (yes, 72!) postings on that exact “discovery.”

Despite the fact that every Yelper and their sister has apparently been eating at Katana Ya (430 Geary St., 415-771-1280)—and eating ramen in particular—since they were born, I’m going to stubbornly continue to live the fantasy that this is my little secret.

Although I’ve tried all the kinds of ramen on the menu (the broth choices are the usual—salt, soy and miso; rich and light), I always go back to the spicy tofu with miso broth. You can read all about it 72 times on Yelp, so I’m just going to say that it’s really, really good and you should get there, and then maybe be the seventy-third person to post your thoughts about Katana-ya on Yelp. Or better yet, be a ground-breaker and post a comment right here. You just might be the first, which in this day and age of discovery really says something.
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