The Eater Wrap: Lots of Openings, ZagatDay '09, and the Magical Kozy Kar


It's Friday, which means time for the Eater Wrap, the weekly recap from Eater SF on all the happenings from the local restaurant scene.

1) The crucial question this week: Is San Francisco ready for Kozy Kar? Once the Yelpers and Twittererers filed their memorable thoughts on the surreal retro 70s bar, it was time to see it firsthand.

2) As the season turns to fall, it's time to look ahead to the future, and the Nine Big Deal Restaurants to Watch in the coming weeks and months.

3) ZagatDay '09 arrived on Wednesday, and with it, the annual head-scratching of people who don't understand the numbers. But hey, Gary Danko won some stuff.

4) Meanwhile in the Pacific Northwest, there are barista hookers. Amazing, amazing barista hookers.

5) It was a massive week for new restaurant openings: Ironside, 222 Hyde, Eve Lounge and oh so many more made their debuts.

6) Among the many highlights of his week's episode of Top Chef Vegas: classic dishes deconstructed, one very confused Haitian man, Toby Young and the annoying duo of Penn and Teller.

7) Happy endings: the popular chef pair Ryan Ostler and Kat Zacher—last seen getting great buzz at the Broken Record—will soon reemerge from their sabbatical at Bruno's.


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