The Movie is God-Awful? Yell It.


Sometimes you're in a movie theater and you make one too many snarky remarks to your movie companion and the humorless person in front of you whips her head around to glare at you or shush you. Which is totally unfair because sometimes you have something way too witty to say to wait till after the movie, and sometimes you need your companion to know that you already know what's about to happen. The worse the movie is, the harder it is to restrain yourself.

Restrain no more.  Laugh with the hosts riffing on the movie. Yell your own comments. On Bad Movie Night at the Dark Room, such quippery in encouraged. Not only that, the host themselves will get you started by riffing on the movie. Yelling your comments is de rigueur. The bringing in of  paper bagged beer from the bodega next door is also most welcomed.

June 21’s cine-spectacle is Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, and hosts Sherilyn Connelly, Mike Spiegelman and Wylie Herman posit that "the cradle of life" refers to Angelina Jolie’s milkshake.

Next up in the Raiders of the Lost Ark knockoffs theme month is Raiders clone Firewalker, starring action hero Chuck Norris.

And in celebration of the Fourth of July, next month, all month, Bad Movie Night will feature four movies about patriotism. On July 5, get ready to jingo-out along with Sly Stallone in Rocky IV. After that, the Dark Room crew really attack the Hollywood Dream Machine and everything America knows to be good and true by screening Mr. Smith Goes to Washington – and, oh my gosh
ridiculing Jimmy Stewart!

Socialist, communist, Hitler-loving, single-payer-health-plan loving, Angelina’s babies-hating Dark Room bad guys, you.

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