This House Cray: The Fairmont's Gingerbread House

This House Cray: The Fairmont's Gingerbread House


Asking Price: A life's worth of cavities 

Year built: 2013

Number of bedrooms: 4

Number of bathrooms: 0

Time on the market: 17 days

This is easily the most tempting house currently on the market.

The sweet San Francisco abode boasts two stories of edible décor made up of 3,930 pounds of candy, gingerbread, and royal icing. This house blows the witch's house from Hansel and Gretel out of the water.

Just last month, some of the city’s greatest designers, architects and bakers came together to construct this luscious home. All of the furniture, hardware and decorations are handmade with 7,500 gingerbread bricks painstakingly glued together with 1,600 pounds of royal icing and 90 pounds of gingerbread. There's even a balcony, an elaborate archway and a cute candy cane fence to ensure you don't get nibbled on by pesky neighbors. 

And for your loyal companion, there’s a gingerbread doghouse right on the property made up of 24 pounds of candy, 96 pounds of icing and 90 pounds of gingerbread. All of which will be devoured the moment you show your dog his new home.

There will be an open house everyday during the Fairmont Hotel’s normal hours if you want to see the sweet treat for yourself.   


All Images via Curbed SF. 

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