This House Cray: The Flood Estate, Woodside, CA


Asking price: $69,800,000

Year built: 1941

Number of bedrooms: Nine

Number of bathrooms: Eight and a half

Acreage: 92 acres

Now that all the burners and bridge-and-tunnelers are back in town, I find myself yearning for space again. Space to ride my bike without accidentally flattening a pedestrian, space to eat my meals without stabbing a stranger's ribs with my bony elbows, and the opportunity to sing in the shower without my roommates making fun of me. After all, San Francisco is one of the most population-dense cities in America.

Not so in Woodside, CA at the ultra-historic Flood Estate. Yup, those Floods, only one of the most iconic families in NorCal history. Though the price tag's a hefty $69.8 million, I suspect the mind-blowing 92 acres the package comes with makes up for it. Rolling hills, Oak tree-studded groves, a duck pond, West Union Creek, expansive views, sunshine and fresh air galore...there's more than enough room to hide from the world here. It's all been in the same family since 1941, the year the Colonial-style, 9,000-square-foot main home was built, which gives you an idea of how special this slab of land is.

But heck, we'll give you a rundown of its amenities anyway, just in case you need extra convincing (aside from the fact that it's on sale from its original price, $85 million). The house itself is swaddled by formal grounds designed by renowned landscape architect Thomas Church, including his signature pool, plus a tennis court. You'll want to purchase a few horses to go with your new home, because miles of ranch roads and riding trails cover the property, and wind past a lake, reservoir, a vineyard, and West Union Creek. It's even bordered on one side by woodsy Huddart Park for added quiet and seclusion. Can you imagine the glorious chirps of crickets at twilight, while sipping a mint julep poolside? Just ring the doorbell if you want to come over, I'll be waiting for you.

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