This Week in Live Music: Toro y Moi, Gang of Four, and More


We’re with you, Mr. Broke-Ass Stuart and Mr. Keeling. Let’s keep the Neverland spirit alive and rock out on a weeknight.

Monday: Gang of Four at The Independent

Gang of Four, one of the most prominent forces in 1980s punk rock, wants to be more than a nostalgic novelty. The band just released a very appropriately titled album What Happens Next, Gang of Four’s first album without vocalist Jon King. Replacing lead singers is assuredly a divisive move, but the Gang of Four flag deserves to be carried forth. Anything to call attention to one of the great albums of rock history, 1979’s seminal album Entertainment! (required listening for any rock quasi-historian).

Tuesday: Palma Violets at Rickshaw Stop

Palma Violets may be the answer to Gang of Four’s open-ended question above. We’re what happens next! The British four-piece embraces the garage sound of its forefathers and pushes it forward by minding the details. When they do art-rock, they do it carefully. When they do dance rock, they make you think about it. When they get loud, they mind the melody. The kids are evolving, and alright.

Friday: Charlie Wilson at Oracle Arena

Awwwwwwwww yeah. Sixty-two year-old R&B star and former Gap Band frontman Charlie Wilson is touring arenas — yes, arenas — and people are showing up like you wouldn’t believe. Few artists have enjoyed a late-career renaissance like Wilson has, touring on the wild success of his newest album Forever Charlie. People just crave anything that’s gonna put ‘em in the mood. Tell me you are not moved by Uncle Charlie:

Friday: Bag Raiders/Classixx at Mezzanine (DJ sets)

DJ sets are... whatever. But Bag Raiders and Classixx aren’t your typical Novelty Artist/Wannabe DJ act. Both are DJ-first acts, and both know what they're doing behind the spinning records. Australian phenomenon Bag Raiders have been setting off dance floors around the world since their 2011 self-titled album sent electro fans into a stir. The mega-hit track "Shooting Stars" has been played 13 million times on Spotify, and remains impossibly irresistible:

Saturday: Toro Y Moi at The Independent

Berkeley’s Chaz Bundick is easily one of the Bay Area’s most prized possessions. He’s made a home base in the East Bay, plugging away at his next album, the soon-to-be-released What For? Early reports say the album is much psych-ier and less dancey than past efforts. Of course, that’s been the case in the past...and then you show up at his show and discover that chill back-patio jam is actually the dance anthem of the year. Here's the first single, "Buffalo," off the new album:

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