Three Reasons to Cross the Golden Gate Bridge


Dinner Under the Stars

Everyone loves an evening of local dishes and an open bar, especially when you can enjoy them outside. The place for your weekend under the stars is at San Anselmo’s Imagination Park, where the Taste of San Anselmo's Dinner Under the Stars seems born out of a dream. More than 20 local restaurants come together with their signature dishes, combined with live entertainment. Oh, and don't forget that open bar by Bartenders Unlimited, which will definitelyadd extra flavor to the night. Tickets are $125 and can be bought here.

Folkish Festival

We all know that the Bay Area has every type of music you could ever want, and every one of us goes looking for it whenever we can. If you’re craving a folk fix, this weekend is the time to get it. Hop on the ferry or drive on up to the Larkspur Landing Circle for Supermule’s performance this Sunday, as a part of the Folkish Festival! series that takes place every Sunday at the Marin County Market. Show will be from 12:30 to 2 pm, and is free of charge.

Wildlife Watching

Wildlife isn’t so abundant here in the city, unless you count the wide range of colors pigeons come in. Lucky for you, heading up to Marin can get you a real taste of nature in the bay, especially if you take part in this Sunday’s Wildlife Watching at Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary. We’re talking an ocean “hotspot” of wildlife both above and below water for the nature adventurist behind your hardened city exterior. You’ll get to learn about everything from bird patterns to the blue whale population in the area, and why even the wildlife loves the Bay Area on this open-ocean excursion. Cost of event is $150, or $140 for members of Point Reyes National Seashore Association.


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