'Tis the Season of Sold-Out Shows: Edward Sharpe & Gaga


'Tis the weekend of hyped-up, sold out shows. Lady Gaga's Monster Ball is blowing through town (check out our Look of the Week to get prepped for that extravaganza) and Saturday's Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes GAMH show has been inspiring some pretty creative Craigslist pleas for tickets. We're a big fan of Edward Sharpe in the 7x7 offices (we play "Home" in an attempt to alleviate the chill situation) and are excited to see this band grace many of the year's best of lists. Plus, all 10 (!) of them PLUS upright piano are touring the country in a bus. Which is awesome.

Check out our video of their Treasure Island performance below and watch out for our own Best of the Year in Music list next week.

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