TRON Legacy @ Kabuki Theatre Ticket Giveaway!

TRON Legacy @ Kabuki Theatre Ticket Giveaway!


People, in the immortal words of Samuel L. Jackson in Jurassic Park: "Hold onto your butts". We've got up for grabs two pairs of tickets to see possibly the coolest movie of the year, TRON Legacy in 3D and Dolby Digital Surround Sound! They're for the midnight screening of Friday the 17th (so you can see it before all your pals).

You know the jist: Jeff Bridges is stuck in a trippy digital world, his abandoned son goes in to save him, all to Daft Punk's otherworldly soundtrack. Get ready to have your minds blown!

These tickets, which also come with $20 in food vouchers, are good at the plush Sundance Kabuki Theatre, where you can pair your popcorn with a cocktail. Just email us at by noon on Tuesday the 14th and tell us which video game you'd like to be stuck in!

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