Unique Budget Accommodations in California

Unique Budget Accommodations in California


Here at 7x7 we are all about unique and unusual travel. We recently wrote about a few of the most unique accommodations in California, which included a lighthouse, tree house, yurt, fire lookout, and wigwam. However, as novel as unusual accommodations often are, travelers are often paying for that novelty. Today we're featuring another set of unique accommodations in California, except all of these are for the budget-conscious traveler, with each offering at least one room that is under $100 per night.

1. StayOn Beverly,Los Angeles. Poke around StayOn Beverly's website and you'll notice that it bills itself as a hostel. But before you put on the brakes, note that this isn't your cliché hostel, outfitted with dormitory rooms filled with backpackers, but rather a property featuring only private rooms. Rooms come with the essentials for budget travelers, including a bed, desk, complimentary WiFi, and flat-screen TV. Self service check-in cuts down on operational costs, as nightly rates begin at $40.

2. Hicksville Trailer Palace, Joshua Tree. Just the name brings back memories of "budget travel" as a kid, road tripping around the U.S. with a trailer attached to the back of our family's Ford LTD Crown Victoria. However, the comparisons end there, as a stay at Hicksville Trailer Palace is a far cry from my RV memories as a child, since the property features tricked out trailers with style. There's "The Sweet," which comes outfitted with large, comfortable sofas, flat-screen TV, and fireplace, or "The Lux," which is one of the smaller, cheaper options ($100 per night), featuring your own jukebox. Bring your bikini and hit the rooftop hot tub at sunset.

3. Burlington Hotel, Port Costa. The legends of The Burlington Hotel, located just outside of San Francisco across the Bay Bridge, are many. One being that it's haunted and another being that it was once a brothel. Spend a night here and you'll wonder if it was in fact a brothel at one time when you notice that all of the rooms are the names of women. However, with large, spacious rooms and a cafe, I challenge you to find a better deal in the Bay Area, with rooms at this antique-like hotel starting below $50 per night.

4. The Queen Mary, Long Beach. If the name, Queen Mary, sounds like that of a vintage ship, that's because it is, embarking on its maiden voyage in the early 1900s, cruising on the open seas for years. Today it has multiple uses, including historic landmark, entertainment venue, and full-service floating hotel. The Queen Mary features over 300 staterooms and suites, with staterooms starting at $80. Among the entertainment on-board are tours to find out what makes the Queen Mary one of the most haunted places in America.

5. Lost Trail Lodge, Tahoe. There's no hidden meaning here in the name of this lodge. In fact, during the winter months, pack a pair of skis or snowshoes, as that's how you'll be getting to the lodge. With no Internet and cell phone service, the Lost Trail Lodge offers an off-the-grid experience that is rare to find these days. As rustic as it sounds, the Tahoe lodge features modern amenities that make for an offbeat vacation you won't soon forget. Rooms start at $89 per night.

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