Urban Biking & Sustainable Cities @ Dutch Design Week, Coming to SF


In the world of the wanderlust-y, there are Francophiles and Anglophiles, and die-hard Eat, Pray, Love fans that believe Italy and India are the meccas of spiritual reinvention.  Me, I’m more of a Nederphile.

No, I don’t get all hot and bothered over biology geeks, I am simply in love with Holland. I became acquainted with its more widely celebrated attributes during a trip to Amsterdam as a teen (French fries and mayo, those other cafes), but fell hard for its finer qualities when I went back and toured the whole northern half of the country by bicycle a few years ago (cheese, cheap campgrounds, bike highways, socialized medicine, gay marriage and great art and design). So this week is something of a treat for me, it being Dutch Design Week in San Francisco. Read more. . . .

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