We Wanna Be Friends With: Tablehopper's Marcia Gagliardi

We Wanna Be Friends With: Tablehopper's Marcia Gagliardi


Our city is chock-full of interesting people and wild personalities. Overwhelmed by the coolness? Every week we'll pick one standout local we'd love to be friends with to answer seven essential questions about their life in San Francisco.

Think of your dream job. Does it entail eating the best food in San Francisco and maintaining a beloved e-column updated regularly with restaurant reviews, industry gossip and the occasional star sighting? Well then Marcia Gagliardi of Tablehopper is your girl.

The Tablehopper site will be seven in February, and along with maintaining her own site and sending out a fantastic weekly newsletter, Marcia writes for numerous publications (including us!). Marcia even edited our latest Big Eat 2013, making her the perfect interviewee for our We Wanna be Friends With Q&A series. 


1. What neighborhood do you currently call home? Would you ever move or are you happy in your 'hood?  
The Western Addition/Nopa. I love this neighborhood—I’ve been here for 18 years. With Bi-Rite Market moving in just a couple blocks away from me, I am so staying put.

2. What's your hands-down, absolute favorite thing to eat in SF?

Oysters, uni, crab (with Louie sauce on the side), sourdough bread, and an Anchor Steam at the counter at Swan, with some of their fab smoked salmon to go.

Swan Oyster Depot, Photo by Tablehopper

3. What's your perfect night on the town?
I love a good cocktail-eat-cocktail sequence in the same neighborhood. So in North Beach, I’d start with a Cherry Bounce cocktail at Comstock Saloon, a pizza margherita at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, and then a nightcap at Tony Nik’s. In the Mission, I’d hit the Hideout, dine at the counter at Bar Tartine, and finish the night with an amaro flight at Locanda.

4. When you need a low-key afternoon, where do you go for down time?
I enjoy cruising through Hayes Valley, hitting up Blue Bottle, hanging out on Patricia’s Green, checking out the boutiques. Gimme Shoes often snags me in its tractor beam.

5. What's your favorite place to go on a day trip from the city?
I have an ongoing love affair with Healdsburg—the food scene is so good up there, and that damn Flying Goat Coffee revs my engine. My friends at Roshambo Farms also supply me with the best eggs to bring home.

6. Quick-fire round: 

Burrito or Burger?

My 20-year-old self can’t believe I am choosing the burger.

Presidio or Golden Gate Park?

Golden Gate Park

Bi-Rite or Mitchell's?


Bike or MUNI?

Bike all the way. MUNI does not bring out kind, loving feelings in me.

Fort Mason or Dolores Park?

Dolores Park

The Independent or the Fillmore?

The Fillmore

Baker Beach or Ocean Beach?

Neither. I’m a Black Sands girl.

7. Three words that describe your life in SF?

Dining, writing, disco.


Want more Marcia? Here's how to find her: 

Website, NewsletterFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Book, App

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