Wedding RX: Help! My Fiancé is a Super-Picky Eater


My fiancé is a super-picky eater (won’t eat fish, red meat, or carbs). How do I keep him happy and feed our guests too?

Setting up fun and unique food stations is the way to go. Each spot could speak to your favorite food memories as a couple or as children. Maybe that first date at a great pizzeria transforms into a seasonal flat bread station or a childhood love of ice cream pops up as a hand-cranked ice cream station. —Jennifer Spiegel, Co-Propietor, Fork and Spoon

Since I eat few carbs, little red meat, and seldom fish—I can relate. My favorite dishes include Eggplant Rollatini stuffed with swiss chard, ricotta and herbs, topped with tomato sauce and garlic herb béchamel. Not only is it comforting and substantial, guests don’t even notice that it’s vegetarian. —Elaine Bell, Elaine Bell Catering

This comes up often and our goal is to prepare a creative, special dinner for one–in this case the groom–tailored to his unique dietary needs and a memorable menu for all others. It’s a win-win thought of as: Dinner for one - happiness for all! —Paula LeDuc, Paula LeDuc Fine Catering

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