'Weed's' Pot Head Kevin Nealon Does Dishes, Diapers and Stand-Up


20 years after first appearing on Saturday Night Live --most memorably as  pumped-up muscle-head Franz (of Hans and Franz), Kevin Nealon is now getting in touch with his inner girly-man -- or should we see granny-man? He’s changing diapers and pushing a stroller at the ripe old age of 54.

Nealon -- who recently wrote his first book, titled “Yes You’re Pregnant, But What About Me?” – is performing next week at Cobb’s Comedy Club.

What’s it like being an older dad? I asked Nealon just after the book came out. Nealon quipped: “Well, I'm getting depends and pampers for my child. I don’t need a rattle for the baby because he’s got prescription bottles of mine. “

The diaper days are over (we hope. Baby Gabe is now nearly 3.) So Nealon is now prepared to clean your house. If you write a glowing review of his new DVD, “Now Here Me Out,” on Amazon.com. the winning wittiest most Kev-kissing reviewer will get Nealon to clean his or her house.*

(*, which means, if you follow the asterisk, he’ll hire someone else.)

Whether it’s cleaning houses or making babies, Nealon acknowledges that (being in the line of fire of hormonal eruptions aside) impending fatherhood is a relative cakewalk. “Let’s face it,” he writes, “It’s not like the March of if the Penguins. We don’t have to balance an egg on our feet in the freezing cold for a month – although some of us might prefer that option if we had it.”

An account of his wife’s pregnancy and how it is really all about him, Nealon’s book might sound like something the incredibly juvenile and douche baggy pot head, Doug Wilson (Nealon’s character on Weeds) might write. But beyond the insouciant title, the book is actually a sincere reflection on life as a geezer dad, with seriocomic, anecdotes and curious asides from Nealon’s first half century.

Facing first time fatherhood when your friends are sending their kids off to college was something of a culture shock of Nealon.  Receiving both the AARP bulletin and Parenting Magazine in the daily mail was a little weird. Learning to play second fiddle to the baby of the house was harder.

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