WildAid Celebrates Bo Derek’s Work with Peter Knights

On Thursday, June 26, guests joined Laney and Pasha Thornton at their San Francisco home to toast actress Bo Derek and celebrate her work with Peter Knights of WildAid. The celebrity-endorsed Bay Area nonprofit is dedicated to protecting endangered species in developing countries and ending the illegal wildlife trade.

Lydia Mondavi, Gillian Shenon

Steve Morgan, Mattie Morgan

Karen Trippe, Ned Trippe

Pasha Thornton, Pat Riley, Maria Palmer

Caroline Shlain, Loni Weholt

Kristy Campbell, Matt Palleschi

Corie Knights, Samantha Campbell

Pasha Thornton, Lydia Mondavi

Maria Palmer, Camille McDowell

Pasha Thornton, Lydia Mondavi, Rob Mondavi, Karen Trippe

John Schaffer, Eric Schaffer

Pasha Thornton, Laney Thornton, Bo Derek

Karen Trippe, Lydia Mondavi

Corie Knights, Gillian Shenon

Patrick McDowell, Pete Knights

Laney Thornton, Pasha Thornton, Bo Derek, Pete Knights, Corie Knights

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