Yosemite Captured in High Definition


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Ever been in Yosemite Valley and taken that perfect snapshot? The one you send around and post everywhere and enter in contests and try to duplicate in grandeur and beauty whenever you revisit the park? Our own preen-worthy photos usually happen in the meadows -- and yes, our camera is usually pointed toward Half Dome (good guess) -- but there are many spectacular places in which to set up a camera, point, and click. Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill explored many of those locales for their epic new short film Yosemite HD. It's a time-lapse love letter to the national park, in short, and while the hallmarks and classics have made it in -- hi again, Half Dome -- look for many views you don't normally see.

Click here to read more about how these filmmakers captured Yosemite in HD!

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