So this is what happens at 7x7 when you’re on deadline, holed up late at the office, bottle of wine cracked open with coworkers equally fatigued and still attempting to do serious brainwork at the 11th hour:   

There’s really no better time to test beauty products when you’re desperately avoiding work. The latest goodie I received at the office? Bliss’ Two Turtle Gloves with gel lining containing grape seed and mineral oil. As a fanatical hand washer, I’m always in search of the best spa treatments to soothe my winter worn skin. So when I read the pretty blue box touting their miraculous ability to deeply moisturize and smooth away wrinkles in only 20 minutes (if used once or twice weekly), I leaped at the procrastinating-induced opportunity. I slipped my hands into the thick, squishy, self-activating nylon gloves— which felt like soft moist pillows that warmed after a few minutes— and eagerly awaited the magic to happen. Did they work? Maybe it was the red wine, my desk-side tiramisu dinner, or my dreamy want of lovely model hands … but these puppies made my skin feel at least a little bit softer.