Artists Take Over Mammoth's Terrain Park


Ever thought about putting a sharp steel edge to a piece of art?

They do it every day at Mammoth Mountain.

For the past two seasons, the eastern Sierra resort has been slapping pieces by noted local artists on their rails, boxes and other features on its Art Park terrain park. Last year a collective of artists and photographers got together to create an homage, titled "I Am Snowboarding," to professional snowboarder Jeff Anderson, who died nine years ago in a fall in Japan.

Images from the Anderson tribute were photographed and then overlaid on to the sides of rails and boxes and then installed on the Round Robin run at Mammoth. It was a first-of-its-kind moment, and the resort proudly proclaimed that if Picasso had ever built a terrain park this is what it would be like.

The park, which is rated beginner to low intermediate in difficulty, proved popular enough with park rats, regular skiers and snowboarders and art connoisseurs, that it was reconstructed this winter with Jamie Lynn getting the on-snow treatment this time around

"It's done as a tribute to the artist," says Eric Meyers, the brand content manager at Mammoth who oversees the installation of the park. "We picked Jamie this year because he is somewhat of a legend in the snowboarding community; he was the first to  ride the mountain like a skate park. And his artwork is ingrained in the snowboard and skateboard cultures."

If you have a hankering to make your own mark in the art world, Mammoth Mountain, which generally stays open for skiing and snowboarding well into May, is less than an hour away from SFO (United has at least two flights daily, starting at around $66 for a one-way trip). 



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