Date Night: A Christmas Movie and Noodles in Japantown


If you want to have a successful excursion in this town, you need a plan—and it better be a good one. Since it's not always easy to strike that perfect balance between "pre-game" drink, food and a show, we bring you the Date Night series — a block-by-block guide to weekend itineraries that only require one parking space. Today, our Japantown staycation guide leads you to something new over the long holiday weekend.

See: The San Francisco Film Society Cinema has two holiday flicks for your weekend entertainment. The first, a dark Nordic Christmas tale called Rare Exports, explores the possibility of an evil, kidnapper version of Santa Claus. Or you can keep it light with one of four screenings of It's A Wonderful Life on Christmas Day. 

Eat: For a warm, satisfying pre- or post-show meal, pop into Tanpopo (1740 Buchanan St.) for a sinus-clearing bowl of miso ramen. This little Japantown haunt is one of the few offering cold Kirin and Sapporo on tap, served up in frosty mugs. 

Drink: On Saturday, Dosa on Fillmore will be open during regular hours. We suggest a drink in the unreserved bar and lounge area up front, where the red jeweled eco light fixutres and spice-ridden cocktails will fit into the weekend's holiday theme. An Indian riff on the hot toddy, their Port of Call blends hot rum and grappa with cinnamon honey, cardamom, all spice and star anise. Or order up the the Christmas Smash (pictured), for obvious reasons. 

Since neightborhood spots like Rasselas, Sheba Piano Lounge, Yoshi's, 1300 on Fillmore and Fat Angel will be closed on Christmas Day, why don't you go home and make yourself a stress-relieving Christmas drink. This Last Minute Mulled Wine is a nice way to wrap up Sunday, whether or not you celebrate Christmas.

Got another great holiday weekend itinerary to suggest? Do tell us about it in the comments.

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