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Immunity-Boosting Cocktails to Drink When You're Sick

Aunt Chrysti’s Hot Austrian Punsch at Bluestem Brasserie. Photo by Stephen Herbert.

Just because it’s flu season doesn’t mean you have to give in to your inner Grinch. Ease those winter blues with a comforting, cozy cocktail, and reap the cold fighting benefits of vitamin C, honey, and chamomile. If you’re feeling under the weather this holiday, head to one of these establishments to give yourself some much needed R&R.  

Bluestem Brasserie 

When cold season strikes, run to Bluestem Brasserie for Aunt Chrysti’s hot Austrian punsch — after all, it’s as close to mother as you can get. Warming Stroh’s Rum steeps with red wine, orange, cinnamon, and clove for a punch that will have you back on your feet before the mug’s all gone. 1 Yerba Buena Lane.

Two Sisters Bar & Books

Two Sister’s has the comforting vibe down pat — a dark, cozy interior, homemade dishes cooked up in the modest, open kitchen, and two loving sisters running every facet of the place. Walk in and you’ll just want to pull up a blanket, let them take care of you, and stay the night. While you’re at it, try their soothing chamomile old fashioned with chamomile-infused bourbon, honey, and bitters. You’ll feel like family.  579 Hayes St.


Mother always said: nothing fights a cold like a pot of tea and a cup of chicken noodle soup. Head into Alembic for the next best thing. They’re serving up delicious tea cocktails served straight from the teapot. 1725 Haight St.


Oakland dwellers, rejoice! At the first signs of a throat tickle, head into Hopscotch to load up on vitamin C with their Long Goodie, made with vodka, contratto bianco, combier, and a healthy dose of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice. 1915 San Pablo Ave., Oakland.