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Eat + Drink

Thanksgiving Wine Pairings from Local Experts

No feast is complete without a bottle (or ten) of the good stuff. We asked some of the top wine experts in the Bay Area and Napa for their pairing picks for your autumnal potluck. Our advice: better to overstock than not—you’ll need some wine to go with those leftovers, after all.

5 Stuffing Recipes, Thanksgiving's Most Important Side

You can keep your turkey legs and gelatenous cranberries, thank you. Thanksgiving is all about stuffing. Lots of stuffing. Preferably doused in gravy. It is the ultimate comfort food in a holiday made up of comfort foods. In order to help you prepare Thanksgiving's most important dish, we have five recipes from esteemed local chefs to make your holiday feast magical.  

Secret Recipe: Tosca Cafe's House Cappuccino

The second-most-famous “cocktail” in San Francisco (which happens to predate its better-known relative, the Irish coffee), Tosca Cafe’s House Cappuccino has been the “coffee break” of choice since its debut in 1919—never mind that the original version wasn’t actually very good.

Eat + Drink Your Way Through the FiDi With This Delicious Guide

Never settle for a boring sandwich again. 

How to Host a Successful Friendsgiving in San Francisco

The holiday season is here and that means copious amounts of eating, drinking, and socializing. If you’re planning to host your own friendsgiving this year, here are some essential tips to feasting with friends.

Drink Here Now: Seasonal Cocktails + Ugly Sweater Beer Parties

Thanksgiving means in-laws; it's time to drink up. 

The Big Sweet: 50 Treats to Eat Before You Die

Call your dentist and get busy.

Breweries and Bars to Visit in Santa Cruz

In a beer-filled town like San Francisco, it's easy to stay close to home for all of our brew-related cravings. But there's a big, wide world of beer out there... and we'd be remiss if we didn't do some good old-fashioned exploring now and again. 

Foodie Agenda: 12 Nights of Chocolate + Arab Street Food Pop-Up

Your guide to the tastiest foodie happenings going down this week. Bon Appetit! 

Easy, Seasonal Cocktails to Serve on Thanksgiving

Who says you have to sip wine with Thanksgiving dinner? We asked four San Francisco bartenders to create the perfect cocktail to celebrate the holiday; Now all you have to do is try out the recipes. 

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