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A Locavore's Guide to Wings and Muffulettas

I don't know much—er, anything—about football. I know that this year's Superbowl it's the Indianapolis Colts versus the New Orleans Saints, and because I like to make judgements based on food, I'm going to be rooting for the Saints. And while I might be a little weak on the finer points of touchdowns, first downs and tackles, I have very extensive knowledge in the field of salty snacks. I am a salty snack master from way back, and Superbowl Sunday gives me ample opportunity to eat things I normally don't. For example, I have not yet sampled Doritoes' zesty taco chipotle ranch flavor. I know, where have I been?

This Week's Events: Ground Hog Day, Gelato Mania

Try 22 flavors of Naia Gelato

On Thursday, February 4, get your ice cream on at a special Gelateria Naia gelato preview at their Berkeley shop from 6-9 p.m.. Sample 22 (!) new flavors made in collaboration with some of our favorite local business, including Numi tea, Blue Bottle, Recchiuti and Tcho Chocolates and St. George Spirits.

Snacks and drinks for five bucks

Rosamunde is #23, But Our Favorite is #1

I love the Big Eat. It elicits such strong reactions from people. The latest one I stumbled on is from yesterday on Mission Mission. "Fuck yeah! The Mission dominated this year’s 7×7 2010 Big Eat SF with 26% of the 100 recommended restaurants. Take that, Hayes Valley!" I love the statistics of it all.

Knives at Dawn: The Cooking Competition You've Never Heard About

I just finished reading Andrew Friedman's food geeky book, Knives at Dawn, which chronicles last year's bid by an American team—led by Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller—to win the international Bocuse D'Or cooking competition. Never heard of it? Though Americans seem to have an endless appetite for cooking competitions (witness the success of Top Chef and Iron Chef), this one has largely flown under the radar, though it has a long and storied history and a distinguished pedigree, having been founded by none other than legendary French chef Paul Bocuse.

The Big Eat 2010 Back Stories

7x7's food issue—which includes the Big Eat 2010—is now on the newsstands. Mmmm—that cover! Chicken and waffles.

Raise a Glass to SF Beer Week! What to Attend

With the ever-increasing prominence of beer lists, beer tastings, beer dinners, and Cicerones (the suds equivalent of a sommelier), San Francisco is prepped and ready to celebrate a panoply of offerings at Beer Week, which starts next Friday. 50+ small, independent craft breweries will showcase their wares at the fest, with many brewers coming in person to talk shop. Beer Week also means plenty of beer dinners at SF restaurants, special offerings at stalwarts like Toronado, City Beer Store, and The Monk's Kettle, and lots of other fun events. Here are our picks for the best activities during Beer Week. We'll also be featuring some Beer Week steals in next week's Lowering the Bar column.

The Big Eat Back Story: Menage a Trois at Ike's Place

For the Big Eat 2010, we went behind the scenes of three establishments to learn the true story behind our current cravings. Following is the story of #100.

"You should be able to put anything in between two slices of bread and eat it,” says Ike Shehadeh. “When I bring home leftovers—whether they’re pot stickers or jalapeño poppers—I try them as a sandwich. Usually, it’s pretty good.” This practice has spawned the wacky menu at Ike’s Place, his cultlike sandwich to-go shop in the Castro, which opened in 2007. Cultlike because, whether you like it or not, you have to try it once. Ike’s is an experience.

The Big Eat Back Story: Coconut Buns at King's Bakery

For the Big Eat 2010, we went behind the scenes of three establishments to learn the true story behind our current cravings. Following is the story of #52.

The Big Eat Back Story: Fried Chicken and Waffles at Little Skillet

For the Big Eat 2010, we went behind the scenes of three establishments to learn the true story behind our current cravings. Following is the story of #4.

Market Watch: Sun Dried Tomatoes, Fruit Cheese and More

Mondays are a great day to have off; when the house is quiet and everyone else is off at work, I can take some time to do some cooking for the week. I use whatever market goodies have made their way home with me to cook up some basics—like a pot of beans, a pan of roasted root veggies and good homemade stock—that can easily be turned into several week night meals or a brown bag lunch or two. Having great staples in the pantry always makes everything a little more tasty and most of my favorite pantry items come from the farmers market. Here are the essentials I recommend to make your weekly routine a little more delicious:

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