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Market Watch: Flying Saucers Sighted, Plus Kraut Galore

Dahlias were out in full force and in just about every color at Cypress Flower Farm this week. Farmer Randy Dardanelle grows these summer beauties on his 12-acre farm in Moss Beach. This flamboyant flower, a native to Mexico and Central America, is also the official flower of San Francisco. It’s hard not to swoon over these delicate blooms in all their bright hues and intricate forms.

Today's Hot Links: Cane Rosso's Open, Free Ice Cream Sundaes

Because, really, who can resist a free upside-down sundae?

The Ferry Building's newest addition, Cane Rosso, stands at the ready with porchetta.

Trigger fingers: the new crop of hunting enthusiasts.

How a cruise ship serves 4,000 meals.

A first glimpse at Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni's memoir.

2009 Burger Bonanza: Is Epic's Burger Truly Epic?

Welcome to the 2009 Burger Bonanza wherein two girls eat 20 of the city's best burgers, on the path to burger enlightenment. The 10 best will then be chosen to be featured—in ranking order—in 7x7's September magazine issue. Burgers must fit our "fancy burger" parameter: made with beef and available as part of the regular dinner menu at upscale restaurants in SF. Beyond that, we're open to suggestions, which we hope you will leave in the comment box below!

Epic Roasthouse

Lowering the Bar: 5 Places to Drink for Cheap (or Free) This Week

Each week, former editor Allie Pape brings you her picks for the best places to booze on the cheap in SF. This week: Sympathy for the unemployed, and a bevy of great happy hours. Have an event coming up? Want to share a tip? E-mail her.

Nate Appleman Leaves A16: So True

Golden boy Nate Appleman has left both A16 and SPQR where he is both chef and co-owner. The grapevine news comes only a month after Appleman cooked at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, which honored his selection for one of the annual, coveted "Best New Chef" slots, and just a couple months after he accepted his Rising Star Chef award from the James Beard Foundation.

Girls Gone Wild (Boars): Traci Des Jardins and Loretta Keller Go to Mongolia

There's no end in sight to the pig posturing around here, but so far it's been done primarily by men. Primarily chef-men. It continues on with the endless whole pig dinners, Ryan Farr's butchering demos and general pork-product madness. (I love this Details article.)

Mixology Madness: Neighborhood Bartender Bracketology

Just last night, while tending bar at Cantina (which I do most Mondays), I chatted with a lovely young couple on vacation from Tuscon. With plans already to see Alcatraz, etc, they asked me what I thought they should do while in town. "Get out and walk the neighborhoods," I told them. "That's where the heart and the identity of San Francisco is. And it's the most fun you can have to see what they're all about."

Today's Hot Links: Your Tattoo For Bacon, TiVo Bourdain Tonight

Submit a picture of your wine or food-related tattoo, win a free year of bacon.

Does the elitism of the Slow Food movement make you want to barf?

We can't wait—Julie and Julia hits the big screen August 7.

Advocates for good food spearhead a Bayview/Hunter's Point initiative.

Meg Ray Is Obsessed With Chicken Korma

“Tracking down the perfect chicken korma became something like a vision quest for me. Honestly, I took out $100 from the bank and then went to nine Indian restaurants. In a row. My favorite place is Lahore Karahi—their korma is different than what I normally like. It’s a little less creamy than the usual, but the spicing is perfect. They don’t sell alcohol there, but you can buy Kirin at the corner store and it’s a perfect match for the korma—better even than [Indian lager] Taj Mahal. And it’s cheap—a plate of korma, with rice, is only $9.80 and it can easily feed two. My second favorite spot is Little Delhi, on Eddy. It’s like an old ’50’s diner converted to an Indian restaurant.

Jeff Hollinger Is Obsessed With Tacos

“I lived in the Mission for 9 years, right around the corner from El Tonayense taco truck parked on 22nd and Harrison. I’d go twice a week for the cabeza [head] and carne asado tacos, because they are cheap and the ingredients are in perfect proportions. Cancun is another favorite—I always overdue it, ordering enough for 3 people even if I’m alone. I usually get a few carnitas and carne asado tacos, a side of grilled onions and a quesadilla or two. I eat half and then take the other half for later—I have to stock up now that I no longer live in the Mission. Now I live in the Sunset, and Tommy’s has become my new local Mexican joint as a result of the Mission withdrawal. At Tommy’s my favorite is the panucho, which is offered only as a special.

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