Originally published on Californiahomedesign.com

This is an old favorite. I've wanted to live here since long before there was an "I Could Live Here." I first saw this moody San Francisco Victorian profiled just after its completion in 2007, when it was profiled by the NYT and promptly lit up the blogosphere. The difference today? It's for sale. The rub? I still can't live here, because this uber-popular abode now costs nearly twice as much ($2,250,000) as when it sold in 2005 ($1,368,000). And I couldn't afford it then, either.

But I can wax poetic about why I love it, and maybe even come to a Zen-like realization that it's not actually THIS house that I covet, but the possibilities that still lay dormant (and not yet priced out of my reality) in another one.

Click here for a peek inside this gorgeously moody Victorian!