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Nurture Your Soul With a Zen Retreat in 2015

Make like a monk and unplug from your hectic, always-connected life with a Zen retreat this New Year. Learn how to meditate, fine-tune your yoga practice, or just spend quiet time communing with nature. Here are five great spots to immerse yourself in a day or weekend of reflection and relaxation so you can start the new year calm and centered.

The Bay Area's Best Outdoor Proposal Spots

January is all about making changes to improve your life. So you’ve quit your job, the green juice cleanse started yesterday, and you just got rid of all the clothes you haven’t worn in a year. What’s next? For some of you, it's putting a ring on it. And if you're going to do it, it's best to do it right. Here are the best outdoor spots to propose in the Bay.

6 Party Campsites in Southern California

It’s not always easy to find that perfectly secluded spot far-removed from the rest of society, where you can let loose without the fear of being a disturbance to that family with twin toddlers and a seven-month infant camping the next site over. Here are six awesome spots in SoCal that should save you from a potentially vibe-crushing, awkward interaction:

Can You Escape From These Interactive Rooms in Time? (+ Win Tickets)

The newest trend in interactive gaming foregoes the digital realm altogether. Inspired by escape-the-room video games like Crimson Room and QP-Shot, real life escapes lock teams in rooms filled with riddles, puzzles, and clues that, when connected, unlock the door.

Have Fun in the Woods on the Cross Marin Trail

The Cross Marin Trail is a wonderful route for a safe family bike ride. You’ll find it level, smooth-surfaced, and isolated from vehicles as it winds alongside picturesque Lagunitas Creek above the former roadbed of a long defunct railroad.

Sweat SF: Everything You Need to Know About Barry’s Bootcamp

"It's okay to be uncomfortable, being uncomfortable means you are working," Barry's Bootcamp instructor Tommy yelled over the thumping '90s-themed music as I reunited with my arch nemesis: the treadmill. This was pretty much in line with the quote tattooed above the doorway leading into the red-lit room: “If it’s not challenging, you’re not changing.” Well folks, consider me a new woman.

The Bay Area's Best Beach Camping

Polar vortex? No way. To celebrate the fact that winter in the Bay Area isn’t anywhere near the freezing temperatures the rest of the country is experiencing right now, try camping on the beach this weekend. Here are some of the best spots just a short drive from the city.

San Francisco's Best Boutique Inns

Want to experience a new neighborhood in SF? Stay in one of these cozy boutique hotels, then explore your surroundings. 

The Bay Area’s Best (Legal) Beach Bonfires

As Bay Area residents, our love of outdoor fun knows no season. That’s why it’s always a good time for a bonfire. Here are a few of our favorite spots to have a legal bonfire on the beach (just make sure it's not a Spare the Air day before you head out). 

6 Party Campsites in Northern California

Charcoal? Check. Lawn chairs? Check. Speakers, party playlist, and cooler with ice-cold beverages? Check, check, and check. Now all that’s left to do is throw in some s’more supplies and mentally prepare to get weird in the woods.

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