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A Classic Bike Loop: Point Reyes Station and the Marin Coast

The counter-clockwise 56-mile loop up to Point Reyes Station takes in a wide variety of the roads and scenery that makes Marin such a special place to spin. There are a few challenging climbs in the 3,800 feet of elevation gain and you’ll have a number of excellent opportunities for pace-lining should you make this a group ride. Expect bucolic scenery and spectacular vistas.

The 15 Best Christmas Movies, Ranked

With Christmas just around the corner and the rain pelting the Bay Area, it's offically time to stay inside where it's warm. But what is there to do inside? Watch movies of course! We rounded up and ranked our favorite holiday films. These are sure to get you in the Holiday spririt. 

Sweat SF: Everything You Need To Know About Mission Cliffs

“Choke and poke.” I’ll admit, I laughed the first few times I heard the expression as our climbing instructor, Daniel, demonstrated how to tie a figure-eight knot. But after learning said knot would be my life-line as I ascended the wall looming over us, the giggles settled down pretty quickly.

The Bay Area's Best Hikes With a View

Living in the Bay Area means that our average, everyday views are just as spectacular as some of the best in the world. (We like to think so, anyway.) Here are five of our favorite short hikes with spectacular views along the way.

5 Festive Bay Area Boat Parades This Weekend

The holiday season means snow and sleigh rides in some parts of the country. But here in the Bay Area, it’s time to head to the water and make merry while watching a lighted boat parade sail by. Here are five to check out this weekend:

Five Star Spirituality: The Scarlet Huntington

In the first installment of our Five Star Spirituality series, 7x7's senior editor Leilani Marie Labong took on the Mandarin Oriental San Francisco. Now we infiltrate the Scarlet Huntington Hotel, which just underwent massive renovations earlier this year. Here at 7x7, round-the-clock deadlines are all too familiar. As exciting as it can be, the adrenaline is synonymous with stress, followed by a series of sleepless nights. Enter the Namastay and Save package at the Scarlet Huntington.

Playful Gifts for the Kid at Heart

Cool must-haves and over-the-top toys for weekend warriors.

Go Coastal on a Lands End Hike

A stand of fog enschrouded Monterey Cypress trees along the Coastal trail at Lan

Offering some of the most stunning views in a city famous for them, a hike on the Coastal Trail at Lands Ends is a San Francisco bucket list-must for residents and tourists alike.

Sweat SF: Everything You Need To Know About Fitmob

“That’s not sweat, that’s your fat crying,” Justin encouraged while we ran shuffle relays along the Embarcadero in front of the Cupid’s Span sculpture in Rincon Park. In between burpees, laughs, high fives, and some sight seeing, my fat cried a lot.

The Bay Area’s Best Beach Hikes

Saying that this is beach weather is probably taking SF’s Indian Summer a bit too far, but we’re actually a big fan of heading to the beach when the weather turns cold and moody. It’s less crowded, equally beautiful, and typically less muddy than other options. Here are some of our favorites:

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