Originally published on CaliforniaHomeDesign.com

Looking for another reason to cross the bridge to the East Bay? Many of the galleries that participate in Oakland's popular Art Murmur gallery scene are extending their First Friday festivities to include Saturday hours.

The new Saturday Stroll is quieter and more focused on the art itself in the galleries, hoping to lure art enthusiasts who prefer a lower profile scene. Eighteen galleries - many within walking distance - will open their doors for visitors to see new works and attend cultural activites.

Danielle Fox, Director of Oakland Art Murmur, suggests starting on 25th Street between Broadway and Telegraph and picking up a Saturday Stroll map at any one of the eight participating galleries on that block. What shows do we recommend checking out? Stop by Vessel Galley for a funky group show including works by Natalie Cartwright, William Harsh, and Kristy Kovacs, among others. And don't miss Anna Fidler's stunning folklore renditions at Johansson Projects.

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