This 3-acre compound with 10 bedrooms and 8.5 baths in Ross is your dream house if you like to rock out to loud music, hate your neighbors, your in-laws are coming to visit, or you generally need lots of empty space to survive. 

Here are the specs: 

Where: 1 Upper Road, Ross 

Asking Price: $19,995,000

Number of Bedrooms: 10

Number of Baths: 8.5

Year Built: 1900

Square Feet: 11,500 

Totalling 11,500 square feet, this nice little home is comprised of six separate buildings. Six of the bedrooms (and the kitchen) are located in the 6,000-square-foot main house, and everything else is spread out over the other five buildings. So, if you really hate your roomates (or your mother-in-law) you can always banish them to the furthest barracks without any supper. 

There's also a 7 car garage– you know, for your collection of vintage Bentleys to drive you between the different sections of your house – an outdoor pool, an indoor gym with hot tub and yoga room, tennis courts, and a barbeque pit surrounded by majestic redwoods. 

Can we get two, please? 

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