This Spring, Help the Mighty Chihuahua!


This March through May, help us celebrate the Mighty Chihuahua! Not only are these little guys adorable, loving companions, they also are victims of their own cuteness…and they need our help. Over the past decade or so, the Chihuahua has become very popular, thanks to movies, commercials and Paris Hilton. While their popularity is a great thing in one respect, it has been their undoing in others. Irresponsible breeders started churning out litter after litter for willing buyers. Unfortunately, the Chihuahua’s diminutive size belies the fact that these are not playthings, accessories, disposable toys. While they are certainly ridiculously cute to dress up in fancy outfits, Chihuahuas are living, breathing, pooping dogs.  When the reality sets in, many owners abandon their Chihuahuas in shelters or turn them out on the streets to fend for themselves. Over 50% of the dogs in shelters in the Bay Area are Chihuahuas and Chi mixes.
Help us come to the defense of the mighty Chihuahua this spring. Here’s what you can do:

1. If you have a Chihuahua or Chi mix, or know someone who does, have your dog spayed or neutered for FREE at the SF SPCA. Spay/neuter is the cornerstone to ending the overpopulation problem, but Chihuahuas won’t walk into our Spay/neuter clinic themselves, so we are counting on you. We are even offering a new non-surgical procedure for male Chihuahuas that meet the size and age guidelines. If you are interested, ask about having your Chi “Zeutered”. Surgical or non-surgical, call the SF SPCA to make your appointment at 415-554-3030.

2. Don’t have a Chihuahua? We can fix that. We are waiving adoption fees for all Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes through the end of May. These are awesome dogs for city living. If you are hesitant to adopt a dog because you live in the city, have a small apartment and no yard, a Chihuahua won’t care. She’ll really just want to sit in your lap anyway.

3. Come out and join us for the ultimate celebration of the Mighty Chihuahua – the 3rd annual The Whole Enchihuahua in Dolores Park on Saturday, May 18, 12-3 pm. The level of creativity of the costumes in the catwalk costume contest is now legendary. The prizes are always amazing, as is the food truck grub. Come ready with questions for a live session of the San Francisco SPCA Ask A Vet. Meet some amazing adoptable dogs. Check out the wares from dog-friendly vendors. Lounge in Dolores. What could be better?

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